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Reliability is key

For industrial or recreational use, our winches are reliable, durable and powerful enough for your needs.

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Whether you use them professionally or for recreational purposes, one of the most important qualities of a winch is reliability. That’s why our winches are tested under extreme circumstances. Our revolutionary technology ensures unbeatable performance.

We specialize in multiple solutions

X-Power offers tough, field-proven electric, hydraulic, planetary, worm gear and manual winches for the consumer off-road, trailer and self-recovery markets. Maximum pulling forces range from 2,500lbs to 20,000lbs for electric winches and up to 66,000lbs for industrial hydraulic models.

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Extreme power you can rely on

Designed in the United States, X-Power winches are based on a long history of heavy-duty, durable protection. We stand for unbeatable performance and assure you superior quality and safety.

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